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Stepping into Virtual Reality

   Hello all!  I decided that in order to help me collect all of my research and notes on my Thesis project in one place that I would take a leaf out of my undergraduate experience and create a Thesis blog! If you are here, I will assume that you probably found out about this site through my affiliation with University of Connecticut, as the project "Here There Be Bears" plans to be the culmination of my Master of Fine Art experience.  My plan for the game is that it will be part narrative and Experiential Walking Simulator (think Firewatch or Close to the Sun), and part Virtual Reality escape room, set in a labyrinth of cave tunnels that exist in the liminal space between memory, trauma, and reality.  As a quick background, my project, about PTSD, was originally going to use my own experience with Uncomplicated PTSD, which I aquired after a skiing accident when 11 years old left me alone with a broken hip on the side of a mountain. That event caused me to have massive time

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