Character Intro: Sam



Age 27

Birthday - July 24th

Sam is the player character. Her actions and decisions will vary alongside the player as they progress through the narrative.

In her youth she was a romantic, level headed girl. She would often take spelunking trips into well known cave systems with her father before her parent's divorce which moved him out of state. Despite knowing her mother means well, Sam tends to avoid emotional vulnerability around her mom. Her best friend, Shae, has always been willing to go on adventures with Sam in place of her dad, but tends to be a bit more cautious despite their bravado. At the time of her accident, Sam started hanging out with Austin and his boisterous buddy Robbie. Sam and Shae retain a close friendship.

 As an adult Sam views the world from a much more sardonic perspective. She can be abrasive but maintains a sense of humor, or so she likes to think. A self proclaimed "night owl," Sam has trouble falling asleep and stays awake late into the night. During these dark hours, alone with her own thoughts, Sam is most vulnerable to flashbacks. 

The transition between who she was and who she is was not as abrupt as one would normally think following trauma. In a lot of ways, Sam believes that the way she brushed the trauma off (for the most part) as a child led to her time in therapy being cut too short. She relies on the few grounding exercises she remembers from a decade ago to help her through her Post Traumatic Stress attacks. 

Sam does not always get triggered into a trauma response when she is alone, however feeling isolated is often a major component of what sets her off. She rarely suffers from flashbacks when other people are around, so very few, including Shae, know she still has them.

She has a tattoo on her right forearm, which covers scars from where she was lacerated during the rock slide which trapped her in the cave. Her mother hates it. Sam likes Greek mythology, watching (and tearing apart) teen horror/romance movies and alternative rock music. She is a young adult fiction author.


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