Game Update

 Hello All!

I will probably be posting a final PTSD research update in the relatively near future which will be a bit of a long read. For that final paper I looked at the relationship between video games and PTSD as a whole, and how playing them may affect the brain as a therapy. 

In terms of other research, I plan to post about my experience with gathering data and visuals from real cave systems that I have been to and how it has influenced the project.

Outside the research area, however, I have done a ton of other work on the project, particularly from the narrative & aesthetics side of things which I will be excited to share more in depth and individually. 

For a taste of that, I wanted to include a sample of the game's intended style: 

This image was taken in Unity during game-play mode. While the style will still constantly be evolving, this is more or less the Aesthetic I want to go for, plus a 3D interpretation of Sam. 

Other additions, I have found a Music Team with Elijah Mann (Check out his bio on the Team tab!) and Jordan Lindley (Bio is in WIP stage) who will be writing the music for the game. Check them out on Spotify!

Last but not least, I wanted to give the first heads up that I am planning out crowd funding for this project in the near future. 

Thanks for following along!


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