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Creative Team

Lexy Vecchio

Lead Game Dev, Project Director, Artistic Designer

Lexy is an interactive media artist & MFA Candidate at the University of Connecticut. After receiving her B.A. in Film from Muhlenberg College in 2015, Lexy spent several years working in theater in New York before returning to New England to focus on game design. She currently works as a Graduate Assistant in the Digital Media & Design department, both as an Instructor of Record in Film & Video Editing and a Teaching Assistant. 

Lexy debuted her first project in 2016, Curbside Waltz, a film dealing with the effect of parental substance abuse on children. Since then, Lexy's work has reflected a growing emphasis on mental health issues; in particular, how trauma can affect both body and mind. Her current research is focused on how video games can create embodied experiences exploring Post Traumatic Stress. She is currently working with virtual reality technology to take a look inside the mind of a girl in the midst of a trauma related flashback, using unreliable narrators, game mechanics, and  interactive storytelling to humanize those who suffer from PTSD.

Accessible Player Experience Practitioner

The AbleGamers Charity: Issued Apr 2021 - No Expiration Date//Credential ID KPPRFZYWPDJ8

Chelsea Edwards 

Lead Programmer & Supervising Producer

Chelsea is a full stack developer and designer who primarily develops web applications for digital health technology in Connecticut. She conducts research aimed at improving health outcomes with vulnerable populations such as older adults who are experiencing mistreatment and has had her work published in journals such as the Journal of the American Geriatric Society and the Journal of the International Society for Gerontechnology. She received her Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in 2018. This is her first foray into game scripting in unity, using her skills in C# to elevate the efficiency of the programming. She is hoping to bring her experience with using technology to improve health into the gaming sphere.

Elijah Mann

 Music Supervisor & Co-Composer

Elijah Mann is a Brooklyn-based electro-folk singer/songwriter. Originally from Connecticut, he has made a name for himself in the indie music scenes of Boston, Los Angeles, Austin (TX), and New York as a powerhouse performer with a knack for introspective lyrics and nostalgic arrangements. After his cover of Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Cut To The Feeling” gained critical acclaim, Mann embarked on a month-long tour with Hailie Hay of Great Bitter Lake. In the fall of 2019, he released his EP “The Flooding Season,” described as “tumultuous and tender... it takes you out of your body and still [remembers] to ground you” (Adrienne Novy).

Now based in New York, Mann has featured at iconic intimate venues such as East Berlin and Rockwood Music Hall. He spent 2020 writing new songs, including “Without My Breath” which was released this fall. Most recently, Mann collaborated with producer Adam Tilzer (who has been sound engineer to artists including Valerie June, Keith Richards, & Norah Jones) on a cover of Leonard Cohen's "Bird On The Wire", as part of the tribute album "Cult Classics Vol 1 - I Don't Even Think Of You That Often". Elijah Mann continues to write and record his original songs, and has plans to release his next single in early 2022.


Matt Caraway

Sound Designer & SFX Mixer

Matt is a lighting and sound specialist from Connecticut with six years of experience in sound design and mixing for Theater & Dance. While his focus is currently in architectural lighting design in New York with Renfro Design Group, he is taking this opportunity to explore sound design in 3D virtual space. Matt's work focuses on natural sound through environmental recording and layered soundscapes.



Midge Scully

Distribution Manager & Lead 2D Artist

Bio Coming Soon


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